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Whiteley Wednesdays @ the Jazz Bistro...

On Wednesday, April 17 @ the Jazz Bistro, a new chapter begins with Whiteley Wednesdays, featuring Chris, Jesse and Ken Whiteley playing and singing a unique assortment of jazz standards and occasional originals all tinged with swinging blue notes.  This will be the first “gig” by this Whiteley trio, brothers Chris (trumpet, guitar, vocals) and Ken (guitar, vocals) with Chris’ son, Jesse (piano, vocals).  Of course we’ve played together before lots of times but it wasn’t until Jesse was debuting a collaboration with Raoul Bhaneja at the Jazz Bistro that this particular combination came up in public. Chris and I were sitting in, the three of us played a song together and the next day, Sybil from the Jazz Bistro was in touch to make this happen.  The plan is for a combination of Whiteleys to hold down the Wednesdays of April 17, May 22 and June 19.  After that, who knows?  

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