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TORONTO GOSPEL BRUNCH SERIES: Kicks off it's 16th anniversary series with A Whiteley Family Special on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 2pm at Hugh's Room Live.  Join Ken, Chris, Jenny & Ben Whiteley plus spouses Diana Braithwaite & Joey Wright for an afternoon of Bluesy, Folky, Bluegrassy musical goodness.  Brunch Reservations and Show tickets are now available from Hugh's Room Live. Tickets  


IN THE RECORDING STUDIO: This summer Ken and Nik worked with a number of talented artists... The Afro-Métis Constitution ProjectVince HalfhideChris WhiteLenoreSam Broverman and Kim Wallach.

SHOUT OUT AND HUGE THANKS: Ken Whiteley and the Beulah Band's Spring concert tour was generously supported by the Arts Across Canada: Circulation and Touring Grant.  Thank you Canada Council for the Arts  for the much appreciated financial support. We also wish to thank all the amazing folks from those special ones who invited us to their venues and communities to perform, to the folks who hosted us in their homes and restaurants and finally, to the folks who came out to the shows. It truly was a wonderful 2 weeks. Thank you one and all.


FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT: For your enjoyment here's Ken's newest song/video "That's What Makes America Great".  It takes less than 2 minutes to watch. If you like it, we encourage you to share it. Ken had the idea and refrain line for months and then after he shared them at a solstice party the enthusiastic response gave him the energy to finish the song. May we all be encouraged to work on projects that have the potential to make our countries and our world a better place. Thanks to Liam Romalis and Mako Funasaka who jumped on Ken's ideas for the video and made it happen.
















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