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Southside Shuffle guitar workshop…

Today at the Southside Shuffle Festival!Saturday, Sept. 10th at 1pm Ken, Teddy Leonard and Joel Johnson are offering a free guitar workshop on the Investors Group First Nations Acoustic Stage 1. Check it out. Then on Sunday, Sept. 11th at 2pm Ken Whiteley & his Freedom Blues band heat things up on the Heath & Sherwood Stage 4. For festival concert ticket info click on the Shows tab.

“In Freedom Blues Canadian roots music icon Ken Whiteley has crafted a timeless set of songs that address both contemporary and historical struggles for the freedom endemic to a healthy, progressive society. Deftly drawing on a wide range of musical sources including blues, gospel and, for lack of a better word, folk, Freedom Blues is a landmark album in Whiteley’s career and Canadian roots music in general.”

~ Grammy Award winning music professor, Rob Bowman

We hope you enjoy the first two YouTube videos “Bring It All Right Down” and “Give Your Hands To Struggle” from the Freedom Blues CD release concert in Toronto. Thanks to Riddle Films and specifically Liam Romalis and Mako Funasaka for the video production and all the incredible musicians including Amoy Levy, Ciceal Levy, Bucky Berger, Ewan Divitt, Richard Underhill,Perry White, Alastair Whitehead and Denis Keldie. Tell your friends to check this out and we’ll see you at the Southside Shuffle Festival on Sept. 11th.