Ken Whiteley is one of Canada’s most respected “roots” musicians. Drawing on his incredibly rich background in blues, gospel and folk styles, this 7 time Juno award nominee is always a wonderful addition to any festival or concert series. He has played at virtually every major folk festival in Canada and performed and recorded with such legends as Pete Seeger, John Hammond Jr., Tom Paxton, Blind John Davis, Stan Rogers, The Campbell Brothers, Guy Davis, Raffi, Linda Tillerey & the Cultural Heritage Choir and countless others. A prolific songwriter, a gifted and versatile instrumentalist and a powerful singer, Whiteley’s music communicates themes of freedom, love, spiritual aspiration and social comment. His performances are presented with participatory humour, grace and energy.

His performing career began as a teenager in the 1960’s with brother Chris and friend Tom Evans as The Original Sloth Band. With the Sloths, Ken performed all over North America and appeared on Saturday Night Live with Leon Redbone. His collaborations with brother Chris (The Whiteley Brothers) and old friends Mose Scarlett and Jackie Washington (Scarlett, Washington & Whiteley) resulted in a wonderful collection of recordings, garnering high praise, successful tours and several awards. Ken’s most recent collaborations are Ken Whiteley and The Freedom Blues Band and Ken Whiteley and the Beulah Band. Whether performing solo or playing with any of his large circle of musical friends, as one critic has said, “with Ken Whiteley our enjoyment is virtually assured.”

Ken Whiteley is a busy musician who is always involved in a number of projects. He is an active record producer, having worked on more than 135 albums. His productions have resulted in 11 Gold or Platinum albums, 22 Juno nominations, 2 Juno winners and 2 Grammy nominations, with total sales in excess of 8 million copies. He has written the music for a number of films and television programs. Whatever he does, it reflects his “brilliant musicianship and high test passion”. In the words of Sing Out! magazine, “Ken Whiteley is one of the best.”

Ken’s Recordings

cover of album

So Glad I’m Here

Ken Whiteley (2023)

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So Glad I’m Here began as a collaboration with the amazing Sufi musician, Davod Azad.  This recording celebrates connection across cultures, spiritual and musical traditions.  George Koller played superb string bass on the original tracks, Amoy & Ciceal Levy, Sharon Riley and David Wall added their incredible voices and Nagmeh Farahmand, Bucky Berger, Ben Whiteley, Chris Whiteley and Kimberley Manning all made wonderful instrumental additions.  The material ranges from traditional spirituals to Ken Whiteley originals including a Rumi poem set to music. This album is offered in the spirit of musicians being in the moment and in that moment feeling the light, love and joy.

So Glad I’m Here

Ken Whiteley with special guest Davod Azad

1. So Glad I’m Here Traditional, Adapt/Arranged, Ken Whiteley  3:47
2. There’s A Candle Ken Whiteley (based on poem by Rumi)  5:18
3. Wayfaring Stranger Traditional, Adapt/Arranged, Ken Whiteley  6:55                                                            4. Bigger Than That Ken Whiteley  6:22
5. Gospel Ship Traditional, Adapt/Arranged, Ken Whiteley  4:20
6. This Is The Lord’s House Reverend Dan Smith adapt. Ken Whiteley  3:45
7. Bird, Mole, Flower Ken Whiteley  4:32
8. It’s Gonna Rain Traditional, Adapt/Arranged, Ken Whiteley  6:24
9. Soon My Work Traditional, Adapt/Arranged, Ken Whiteley  5:50

Ken Whiteley – lead, harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, resophonic guitar, accordion, Hammond organ, harmonica, tambourine, mandolin, piano

Davod Azad – tar, oud
George Koller – string bass
Amoy Levy, Ciceal Levy, Sharon Riley – vocals David Wall – vocals
Bucky Berger – drums
Nagmeh Farahmand – percussion (daf, rek, etc.) Chris Whiteley – harmonica (track 6)
Ben Whiteley – bass (tracks 4, 6)
Kimberley Manning – Hammond organ (track 5)

Recorded and mixed at Casa Wroxton Studio, Toronto by Ken Whiteleyand Nik Tjelios
Additional recording at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat, Nassau, Bahamas by Ken Whiteley

Mastered by Grey Market Mastering Produced by Ken Whiteley Package design by David Wallace Cover Photos by Colin Medley

Long Time Travelling

Ken Whiteley (2022)

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2023 Canadian Folk Music Award nomination for Traditional Album of the Year/ Album traditionnel de l’année.

Ken’s new take on old songs. Many well known folk classics have been rearranged and in some cases had new words created in a way that shows Ken’s deep commitment to the traditions, respect for those he learned these songs from and willingness to move the songs forward into the 21st century.

Ken does all the singing and plays banjos, mandocello, mandolin, electric guitars, vibraphone, bass, accordion, autoharp, dulcimer, piano, Hammond organ, lap steel and percussion and is joined on some songs by Ben Whiteley on bass, drums and percussion.

  1. Long Time Travelling 2:52 – traditional, arranged, new lyrics Ken Whiteley
  2. Shenandoah 3:35 – traditional, arranged, new lyrics Ken Whiteley
  3. Man Of Constant Sorrow 3:30 – traditional, arranged, new lyrics Ken Whiteley
  4. Farewell To Nova Scotia 4:30 – traditional, arranged, new lyrics Ken Whiteley
  5. Wondrous Love 3:16 – public domain
  6. Michael Row 2:29 – traditional, arranged, adapted Ken Whiteley
  7. Shady Grove 3:15 – traditional, arranged, new lyrics Ken Whiteley
  8. Un Canadien Errant 3:21 – arranged, adapted Ken Whiteley
  9. It Takes A Worried Man 4:55 – traditional, arranged, new lyrics Ken Whiteley
  10. Precious Memories 5:19 – traditional, arranged, new lyrics Ken Whiteley
  11. The Water Is Wide 4:49 – traditional, arranged, new lyrics Ken Whiteley


Calm In The Eye Of The Storm

Ken Whiteley (2020)

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This is Ken’s first album in four years. It looks at the personal, political and spiritual dimensions of finding peace in these turbulent times.The arrangements fun the gamut from bluesly slide, whirring mandolins, outstanding string bass and percussion to whimsical touches like ukulele, lap steel and vibraphone.

Songs: Lay My Burden By The River, Calm In The Eye Of The Storm, Tune Me Up, I Hear The Wind, Saluting The Sun, Stephen’s Last Game, Greed Is A Flawed Organizing Principle, You Better Mind, A Talk With Time, Give It Up To God, Beneath Our Skin, King’s Highway, Let Me Rest Awhile.

The Musicians: Ken Whiteley, Ben Whiteley, Bucky Berger, Lyle Mozlan, George Koller, Gord Mowat, John Showman, Cathy Fink, Walter McLean, Njacko Backo, Nikki D. Brown.

The Singers: Gloria Brown, Nikki D. Brown,  The Fabulous Levy Sisters (Amoy & Ciceal), Gathering Sparks (Eve Goldberg, Jane Lewis), Tomika Webb, Felicity Williams.

All songs by Ken Whiteley (Pair-a-dice Music / SOCAN) except: King’s Highway  traditional, adapted & arranged by Ken Whiteley,  You Better Mind traditional, arranged, new lyrics by Ken Whiteley.

Engineered by Nicolas Tjelios at Casa Wroxton Studio, Toronto, Ontario

Additional engineering by Ken Whiteley
Recorded and mixed January 2019
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal, Quebec
Art design by Debbie Adams, Adams + Associates
Released on Borealis Records BCD265

Ken Whiteley uses Apitius mandolins, Laskin guitars (six and 12 string) and Elixir Strings.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Music Fund.

Ode To The Road

The Roxton Rambles with Ceilidh Wood & Ken Whiteley (2020)

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Freedom Blues

Ken Whiteley (2016)

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One of Ken’s deepest and most exciting albums yet. FREEDOM BLUES is steeped in African American blues and gospel music. This recording abounds in glorious vocal harmonies, in the cry of the slide guitar, in the density of complex horn arrangements and the wail of the Hammond organ, all anchored by the heartbeat rhythm of bass and drums. It confronts the social forces of power in our society yet affirms our struggle, individually and collectively, to make the world, and ourselves, better.

Songs: Bring It All Down, Freedom Blues, Freedom Is A Constant Struggle, Freedom’s Highway, Halls of Fulsom, Right Here In My Town, Sewing Machines, That Other Shore, Throw Me Anywhere, Give Your Hands To Struggle, Midnight Special, Omar Khadr’s Blues

Musicians: Ken Whiteley, Ben Whiteley, Bucky Berger, The Fabulous Levy Sisters, Pat Patrick, Richard Underhill, Perry White, Ewan Devitt.

All songs by Ken Whiteley (Pair-a-dice Music / SOCAN) except: Halls of Fulsom by Jenny Whiteley, Sewing Machines by Nancy White, Give Your Hands To Struggle by Bernice Reagon

Engineered by Nicolas Tjelios at Casa Wroxton Studio, Toronto, Ontario
Recorded and mixed January 2016
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal, Quebec
Photography by Ellen Manney
Art design and illustration by David Wallace
Released on Borealis Records BCD242

Ken Whiteley and the Beulah Band

Ken Whiteley and the Beulah Band (2015)

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It’s exciting new music that is deeply rooted in traditional North American folk forms. You will hear echoes of blues, gospel, swing, string and jug band sounds. They are all outstanding and versatile instrumentalists and great singers. And if anyone can match the youthful energy of his bandmates it is Ken Whiteley.

Band bio

Songs: The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For, Beulah Land, How Fast Flies Time, Try Not To Fall, The Lone Pilgrim, Straight To You, Feel Just Like Goin On, Friends All Over The Place, Hands On That Guitar, Indian Buffett, Hackett’s Cove.

Musicians: Ken Whiteley (all guitars, mandolin, lap steel, mouth trumpets, jug, washboard, sruti box, accordion, dobro, mandocello, long necked banjo on track 12, lead vocals), Frank Evans (all other banjos, banjo uke, harmony vocals), Rosalyn Dennett (fiddle, harmony vocals), Ben Whiteley (string bass) with: Roman Tome (drums, percussion, hand claps), Basia Bulat (harmony vocals track 7), Bucky Berger, Mose Scarlett, Caroline Brooks, Eve Goldberg (friendly harmony vocals track 8)

All songs by Ken Whiteley (Pair-a-dice Music / SOCAN) except:
Beulah Land, The Lone Pilgrim and Feel Just Like Going On – traditional, adapted and arranged by Ken Whiteley
How Fast Flies Time by Ken Whiteley and Arthur Renwick

Engineered by Nicolas Tjelios at Casa Wroxton Studio, Toronto, Ontario
Recorded and mixed, June and July, 2014
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal, Quebec
Photography by Ellen Manney
Art design and illustration by A Man Called Wrycraft
Released on Borealis Records BCD234

The Light of Christmas

Ken Whiteley (2012)

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Nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in the category of Traditional Singer of the Year.

The recording features a marvelous collection of new Ken Whiteley Christmas originals that range from the exciting ska sounds of The Baby Leapt In The Womb to the heart-tugging I Cant Imagine Christmas Without You. It is a vocal rich recording that in addition to Ken’s soul stirring performances includes singers David Wall, The Levy Sisters (Amoy & Ciceal), Hayley Gene Penner and niece Jenny Whiteley. In fact the album is brimming with fellow Whiteleys including brother Chris, son Ben, nephews Dan and Jesse and a cover painting by his father, Ronald Whiteley.

This is Ken’s 28th album. Ken first began thinking about making a Christmas album back in the late 1970s when the Original Sloth Band was still his main performing incarnation. Santa Claus Blues and Last Month Of The Year are from that repertoire. Ken has produced Christmas music by a number of other artists over the years and There Was A Little Baby (Raffi) and the Ken Whiteley original Christmasy Kind Of Day (Fred Penner) are from those endeavors. The heart of the recording are Ken’s new songs. From the socially conscious Daily Bread and the title track The Light Of Christmas to the compelling gospel of Hallelujah, A Child Is Born, they resonate with a rich, inclusive spirituality.

This project is a collaboration with The Daily Bread Food Bank: 10% of all CD proceeds are going to support of The Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Songs: Oh Lord, I Wonder; Santa Claus Blues; The Light Of Christmas; Daily Bread; The Baby Leapt In The Womb; There Was A Little Baby; Hallelujah, A Child Is Born; Christmasy Kind Of Day; Go Tell It On The Mountain; Last Month Of The Year; Aint That A Rockin All Night; I Cant Imagine Christmas Without You; Amen.

Musicians: Ken Whiteley (vocals, guitars, Hammond organ, vibraphone, banjo, banjo uke, percussion, sruti box), Ben Whiteley (string bass, electric bass), Chris Whiteley (harmonica, trumpet, cornet), Dan Whiteley (mandolin), Jenny Whiteley (vocal), Jesse Whiteley (piano), Colleen Allen (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet), Bucky Berger (drums), Amoy Levy (vocals), Ciceal Levy (vocals), David Wall (vocals), Hayley Gene Penner (vocal). Sarah McElcheran (horn arrangement, The Baby Leapt In The Womb).

Produced by Ken Whiteley.
Recording and mixing engineer Nicolas Tjelios.
Mastered by Harris Newman, Grey Market Mastering, Montreal Quebec.
Recorded at Casa Wroxton Studio, Toronto, Ontario.
Design by David Wallace, Mallet-Wallace Design.
Cover oil painting by Ken’s father, Ronald Whiteley, Chapleau, Quebec, 1944.

Another Day’s Journey

Ken Whiteley (2010)

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Greetings from my journey! I have had a great time visiting some wonderful musical friends and have been inspired by trips to various places from my past, present and future. I went all the way back to my jug band and classic blues roots and recorded a couple of duets with MARIA MULDAUR. On a sunny day in Brooklyn with blues great GUY DAVIS and Les Paul’s last bass player, NICKI PARROTT, we had a mini hootenanny with tunes, old and new. DUANE ANDREWS came all the way from Newfoundland to add his sparkling guitar to some swing and blues locales. I have also been looking ahead with my friends KIM & REGGIE HARRIS. Reggie and I collaborated on a couple of new songs that we have packaged up here with sacred steel star, CHUCK CAMPBELL. Along the way DAVID WALL, AMOY LEVY and JOANNA CHAPMAN-SMITH added vocals, and my brother CHRIS WHITELEY, son BEN WHITELEY, drummer BUCKY BERGER and national treasure, pianist JOE SEALY, all stopped by to be part of my musical adventure. I hope Another Day’s Journey will be as joyful and memorable a trip for you as it has been for me. Check out my twisted map too! ~ Ken Whiteley

Songs: Another Day’s Journey with Guy Davis and Nicki Parrott; Butterfly with Kim & Reggie Harris and Chuck Campbell; Language of Love with Maria Muldaur; Old Wind Blow with Duane Andrews and Chris Whiteley; Too Much Trouble with Guy Davis and Nicki Parrott; No Answer with Kim & Reggie Harris and Chuck Campbell; Motherless Children with Guy Davis and Nicki Parrott; Step To Paradise with Amoy Levy and David Wall; Urge For Going with Joanna Chapman-Smith; I Want To Be Happy with Duane Andrews; Mike and Mary with Maria Muldaur; Close with Joe Sealy.

Musicians: Ken Whiteley (5 string banjo, resophonic guitar, 6 & 12 string guitars, tenor banjo, banjolin, autoharp, vibraphone, piano, Hammond organ, electric guitar, jug, washboard, kazoo, mandolin), with guests Duane Andrews (acoustic guitar), Bucky Berger (drums), Chuck Campbell (pedal steeel guitar), Joanna Chapman-Smith (vocals), Guy Davis (harmonica, acoustic guitar), Kim Harris (vocals), Reggie Harris (acoustic guitar, vocals), Amoy Levy (tambourine, hand claps, vocals), Priscilla Manney (washboard), Maria Muldaur (vocals), Nicki Parrott (string bass), Joe Sealy (piano), David Wall (vocals), Ben Whiteley (string bass), Chris Whiteley (harmonica, trumpet).

Produced by Ken Whiteley.
Recording and mixing engineer Nicolas Tjelios.
Mastered at MusicLane Mastering with Ted Carson.
Recorded at Casa Wroxton Studio, Toronto, Ontario.

Additional recording:
Headgear Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY. Engineer Alex Lipsen, assisted by Avery Medjuck.
Laughing Tiger Music Studio, San Rafael, CA. Engineer Ari Rios.

Art direction, design and illustration by A Man Called Wrycraft
Cartography & music symbols by Andrew Alfred-Duggan
Released on Borealis Records BCD203

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All of the Seasons

Ken Whiteley (2009)

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A beautiful album for kids 2 to 102.

This recording features Ken singing and playing guitars, ukelele, accordion, rubboard, organ, banjos, string bass, electric bass, mandolin, piano, lap steel, jaw harp, slide whistle, vibraphone, dulcimer & percussion.

Cover drawing by Ben Whiteley.

Musicians: Bucky Berger (drums), Dennis Pendrith (basses), Dick Smith (percussion), Chris Whiteley (trumpet, harmonica, pedal steel), Ron Allen (saxophones, shakahachi, picolo), John Arpin (piano), Pat MacNeilly (steel drums), Linda Morrison (harmony vocals), Ben Whiteley (vocals, cymbal), Children from Huron School (under direction of Beth Hanson: Kate, Jessie & Clara Fraser, Mishi Pipik,, Alexa Habeder, Agnes Kim, Eugenia Kisin) and the Hippopotami Chorus (Ellen Manney, Jessey Whiteley, Chris Whiteley, Bill Russell, Mose Scarlett, David Wall, Gordie Johnson).

Songs: Catch Hold of My Hand, Calypso Stomp, The Hippopotamus, Up Like A Rocket, The Wiggle Song, Teddy Bear Picnic, Goes To Sleep, Get Along Home, Big Beautiful Planet, I Heard The Water Singing, Little Drops of Water, All Of The Seasons, Frosty Weather, Maple Syrup Time, I Cant Wait For Spring, Swimming Swimming, Clouds, I Like Picking Apples, One More River, Goodbye Waltz.

Produced by Ken Whiteley.

Originally released in 1993. Re-released in 2009 on digital download. Digital download and CD-R do not include original cover artwork or graphics.

One World Dance

Ken Whiteley (2007)

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This recording is firmly rooted in the blues tradition and at the same time takes the music places it’s never been. This twelve song disc showcases Ken’s original, blues based songs with a few reworkings of traditional pieces added for good measure. Winner of FMO Song From the Heart in the Blues Category and nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award.

Songs: Everybody Has The Blues, Get At, Going To Be, Lunch Counter Encounter, Death Letter Blues, Still Cant Believe that Youre Gone, Two Wings, One World Dance, November, Thats When I Need A Song, Trying To Find My Way, Thats Alright.

Musicians: This cd features an all-star cast including Juno winning pianist Joe Sealy, legendary guitarist Amos Garrett, and a rhythm section of Bucky Berger on drums and Ben Whiteley on electric and stand up bass. It includes contributions by some of Canada’s outstanding world music practitioners like Cubas Mario del Monte on percussion, Mark Mosca on steel drums and a horn section of the incredible Sarah McElcheran and Colleen Allen.

Original cover art by Ellen Manney.
Released on Borealis Records BCD187

What a great record! …better than ever. ~ Legendary Bluesman John Hammond

Have mercy! This is prime stuff from a master of the blues form. ~ Folk Legend Tom Paxton

…takes a bold step towards integrating the soul music of the world. His version of Death Letter Bluesis breathtaking. ~ Guitar Legend Colin Linden

For CD reviews go to Performer Media/Press.

Join The Band

Ken Whiteley (2006)

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With a different instrument featured on each song, “Join the Band” is a musical tour de force by award winning musician, Ken Whiteley. This recording has received many accolades including the Parent’s Choice Award, Children’s Music Web Award for the Best Recording for Younger Children, Canadian Folk Music Award for Best Children’s Album 2006 and a 2007 Juno nomination for Children’s Album of the Year.

With 19 songs, most of them original, this master roots musician is at his eclectic best. The musical journey starts with the soca strains of the title overture. From there we explore a cappella singing, gypsy jazz, jump blues, celtic harp, old time banjo, zydeco, several different world musics, rock trombone and a mandolin extravaganza that mixes the music of Vivaldi, Cape Breton and south side Chicago. The song “Leaves”, with exquisite flute playing by Kathryn Moses, has already won a “Song From the Heart” award from the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals for Best Children’s Song .

Joining Ken Whiteley is an impressive list of 31 musicians and singers. They include George Koller and Dennis Pendrith on basses, Bucky Berger on drums, a horn section led by Sarah McElcheran, Lord of the Rings fiddler Anne Lindsay, singers David Wall, the Levy Sisters and Pat Patrick, plus children from the Alan Howard Waldorf School and the Oakwood Collegiate Chamber Orchestra. Ken himself plays twenty different instruments on the recording!

Songs: Join The Band, Five Folks Singing, Mandolin, Peek a Boo, Puch Ka Pee Shee Pie, The Zoo Song, Mostly Water, Throw My Ball, Horsey, Smooth One, Little Bird, Sally Sue, Put One Foot, Les Haricots Sont Pas Sales, Rattling Bog, Peanut Butter, Millie Moonie’s Laundry, Leaves, This Little Light.

Distributed by Merriweather Records.

Ken thanks and acknowledges the financial support of Canada’s private radio broadcasters as well as the Government of Canada through FACTOR, the Canada Music Fund for this project.

Gospel Music Makes Me Feel Alright!

Ken Whiteley (2004)

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Recorded LIVE in a series of three concerts at Toronto’s Hugh’s Room in 2003, Ken Whiteley has captured the powerful emotion and spontaneity of gospel music. This live performance recording features vocalists Melisa Devost, Ginny Hawker, Amoy Levy, Ciceal Levy, Colin Linden, Pat Patrick, Jackie Richardson and David Wall.

Songs: Bring Peace, Good News, No Ways Tired, Let My Life Be Prayer, Gospel Music (Makes Me Feel Alright!), Moses’ Last Miracle, In The Night, Travelling On, In Your Hands, Voice Of The Lord, Wilderness, Sing With Me, I Don’t Want To Be Lost.

Musicians: Bucky Berger (drums), George Koller (string bass), Colin Linden (Gibson 330 electric guitar, Regal electric dobro, Ken’s Apitius mandolin), Chris Whiteley (harmonica, trumpet, Gibson J200 guitar) and Ken Whiteley (6 & 12 string Laskin guitars, National guitar, electric dobro).

Live sound at Hugh’s room provided by Colin Puffer, David Lang and Anne Keeler. Engineered by Nik Tjelios and mixed by Nik & Ken.

“Deeply spiritual yet shorn of preachiness, Ken Whiteley’s latest triumphs with impeccable arrangements and spot-on delivery.” NOW Magazine

Songs From Sivananda Kutir

Ken Whiteley (2002)

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This is a recording of songs from Ken’s trip to India and the Sivananda Kutir in the Fall of 2000. The Sivananda Kutir is an ashram in the Himalayas, on the banks of the Ganga (Ganges), near the town of Uttar Kashi. It is part of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres.

Songs: Ganga Arati, Sivananda Kutir, Refuge, Won’t Turn Back, Find A Path, Good News, Guha, Ganesha Sharanam, Bright Morning Star, Sri Krishna Govinda.

Musicians: Ravi Naimpally (tabla, percussion), Ernie Tollar (bansouri flute), Oliver Schroer (violins), George Koller (sitar, harmonium) and on vocals are Saraswati, Janaki, SriDevi, Naryani, Cathy Fink and Marcer Marxer.

Taking Our Time

The Whiteley Brothers (2001)

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Chris & Ken Whiteley can do it all, and they prove that on this recording. The two brothers perform every single note on the CD, playing more than twenty instruments and singing all the vocals.

Songs: Homeless Man, Hold It, Get These Things For Me, Looking For The Blues, Shufflin’ and Shaggin’, Saskatchewan Blues, I Don’t Mind, I’ll Be Looking For You, Stranger In Your Home, Perfume and Tobacco, Full Moon In June, On This Journey, Take Your Time.

Musicians: Chris Whiteley (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, trumpet, cornet, harmonicas, drum, washboard, feet), Ken Whiteley (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12 string guitar, piano, mandolin, string bass, electric bass, banjos, washtub bass, jug, drums, washboard, shaker).

“Looking for the Blues, I’ll Be Looking For You and Stranger in Your Home are among the very best new songs I’ve heard anywhere.” Maple Blues Magazine


Ken Whiteley (2000)

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Eleven Ken Whiteley from-the-heart originals about listening to ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Produced with George Koller, this recording features some great harmony singing and sacred steel from Chuck Campbell of the Campbell Brothers.

Songs: Woke Up This Morning, If The Wind, That’s What I Love About You, Listening, Bird Mole Flower, All I Need, Easy To Change, Lord You Lifted Me, Falling Snow, Both Shall Sing, Open The Door, Candlelight.

Musicians: Ken Whiteley (6, 12 string & national steel guitar, mandolin, organ, piano, accordion, triangle), George Koller (string & electric bass), Chris Whiteley (trumpet, harmonica), Ernie Tollar (clarinet, soprano saxophone), Bucky Berger (drums), Sharlene Wallace (celtic harp), Colleen Allen (soprano saxophone), Ben Grossman (percussion), Oliver Schroer (fiddle), William Carn (trombone), John T. Davis (organ), Chuck Campbell (sacred steel), John Mays (harmony vocals), Pat Patrick (bass vocals), David Wall (harmony vocals), Rebecca Campbell (harmony vocals).

“Stylistically, these songs range from Dixieland to blues, from R&B to world beat, from gospel to jazz and folk…” Sing Out!

Musical Mystery Machines (Science Songs for Kids)

Ken Whiteley (1998)

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Juno nominated children’s recording which explores simple machines and other science concepts developed in conjunction with the Ontario Primary curriculum in science. Includes an interactive CD-Rom track with games, puzzles, sing-alongs and lots of surprises for fun and learning.

Songs: A Mystery, Rolling Along, Moving Things, It Takes Force, Up & Down an Incline Plane, A Wedge, Fricton, Tools Are Cool, A Circle & A Ball & A Box & A Square, Numbers On My Mind, Count By Fives, Big Wheel – Little Wheel, Try Again, Energy.

Junior Jug Band

Junior Jug Band (1997, 1985)

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Lots more Junior Jug Band musical fun with brothers Ken and Chris Whiteley together Jenny and Daniel Whiteley. Originally released on vinyl as Lots More Junior Jug Band in 1985 and then re-released as Songs To Sing in 1997.

Songs: Shoo Fly On Me, The Music Goes Round & Around, On My Way Home, Washtub Boogie, High & Low, Old Dan Tucker, Exercising, Rock Island Line, The Grey Goose, All Together Now, Take It Slow & Easy, You Cant Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd, Things Are Coming My Way, The Beetle Bug Bop, Ballet Parisienne, Halfway Down The Stairs, The Monkey & The Engineer, I Like To Have Fun With You and Dilly Dally.

Digital download does not include original cover artwork or graphics.

Sixteen Shades of Blue

The Whiteley Brothers (1996)

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Blues from two of the finest blues musicians performing today. Brothers Chris and Ken deliver an album of all original material. “Trust brothers Chris & Ken Whiteley… a guarantee of groove.” ~ Bravo Magazine

Songs: Stop Running, Tell Me That You’ve Got The Blues, Friday Night Blues, Mr. Weatherman, Reap What You Sow, Swinging The Blues, We Just Smile, Forgetful Baby, Gulf of Tears, I Depend On You Too Much, Time For Moving On, Long Road Up, It’s Ecstasy, Come A Little Closer, She Makes Her Own Way, Doing Something Right

Musicians: Chris Whiteley (harmonica, trumpet, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, washboard, 12 string guitar), Ken Whiteley (acoustic guitars, electric guitars, 12 string guitar, slide guitars, mandolin, piano, organ, accordion, rubboard, washboard, tambourine, cowbell, jug, tenor banjo), Daniel Whiteley (electric guitar, mandolin), Victor Bateman (string bass, electric bass), Dennis Pendrith (electric bass), Al Cross (drums, clave), John Sheard (piano, organ), Jerry Fuller (drums), John Mays (vocals), David Wall (vocals), Sharon Lee Williams (vocals), John Deehan (saxophone, clarinet), Laurie Bower (trombone), Al Lerman (saxophone).

Produced by Chris & Ken Whiteley

Three by Three (3 CD box set)

Mose Scarlett, Jackie Washington, Ken Whiteley (1996)

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They can croon, they can scat, and they can swing! Mose Scarlett, Jackie Washington and Ken Whiteley team up in this great triple-disc collection. “One of the finest acoustic roots releases of the year.” Edmonton Journal

Acoustic Eclectic

Ken Whiteley (1995)

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Ken Whiteley comes through with a warm, inviting album which is truly eclectic, spanning swing, blues, gospel and folk. His eleven original songs blend easily with well-chosen classics to create an impressive musical tapestry. Features a guest appearance by dobro ace, Jerry Douglas.

Songs: Let Me Fly, You Can Depend On Me, Family Tree, Bright Morning Star, As Nighttime Falls, Hold To God’s Unchangin’ Hand, Powerful Love, Stardust, Friends & Ancestors, Light of Love, Try To Shine, Don’t Burn The Candle At Both Ends, Here With Me, Open Up, My Dear Love, Sing With Me.

Musicians: Ken Whiteley (6 & 12 string guitars, piano, accordion, mandolins, mandocello, harmonica, organ, percussion, vibes, mouth horns), George Koller (string bass, sitar, harmonium), Chris Whiteley (harmonicas, trumpet, pedal steel), Dan Whiteley (guitar, snare drum), Bucky Berger (drums), Dennis Pendrith (electric bass), Jack McFadden (string bass), Ernie Tollar (bansouri flute), Jodie Golick (tenor & soprano saxophones), Terry Wilkins (string bass), Mary Anderson (harp), John Sheard (piano), Al Cross (drums), Jerry Douglas (dobro), Mose Scarlett (guitar, bass vocal), Jackie Washington (scat vocal), Oliver Schroer (fiddle), Cathy Fink (harmony vocals), Marcy Marxer (harmony vocals), David Wall (harmony vocals), Amoy Levy (harmony vocals), Jenny Whiteley (harmony vocals), Jackie Richardson (harmony vocals).

Produced by Ken Whiteley.
“Bright Morning Star” and “As Nighttime Falls” produced by Ken Whiteley & George Koller.

This CD is also available in the 3 cd box set, “Three by Three”. Available from Borealis Records.


The Whiteley Brothers (1993)

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Jazz Report Blues Album of the Year

“This album is dedicated to all the incredible Blues musicians who originally created this music and especially to Blind John Davis who deeply touched our lives.” ~ Chris & Ken Whiteley

Bluesology is a labour of love by the Whiteley Brothers who demonstrate a great respect for and knowledge of the Blues. Songs: Before This Time, Crazy Blues, M & O Blues, Memphis Jug Blues, When The Train Comes Along, Custard Pie, Got Me Worrying, Feel Like Going Home, Crawdad Hole, In The Night, Sugar Sweet, Sneaking Around, Don’t Start Crying Now, We Don’t Talk, Wee Wee Baby.

“The Whiteley Brothers had them rocking in the rain.” ~ Chicago Sun Times

Songs To Sing

Junior Jug Band (1989)

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Ken and Chris Whiteley with children Jenny and Daniel are unique. As the Junior Jug Band their musical styles include folk, jazz, country, blues, reggae, and more. They themselves play almost 25 instruments on this recording. So, grab an instrument or a pot & pan and join along with the Whiteleys.

Songs: Song To Sing, Barnyard Song, Shim Sham Shimmy, Squid Jiggin Ground, Muffin Man, The Dog & The Cat, Never Swat A Fly, A La Campagne, Hippity Hop, Play That Washboard, Try Looking Up, Hands, Canadian Dance Tune Medley, Ice Cream and Hobo Lullaby.

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Bright Side (Vinyl or Cassette)

Ken Whiteley (1987)

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“Blues, Gospel, Country, Swing… all these and more are the potent roots which have gone into this musical blend. I have not so much tried to refashion them as they have become a part of me, and I now share them with you, along with the ebb and flow of love, the hope for a better world, and the spirit to ‘Keep on keeping on’.” Ken Whiteley

Includes nice contributions from Colin Linden (guitar), Graham Townsend (fiddles), Chris Whiteley (harmonica), Dennis Pendrith (bass), Bucky Berger (drums), Earl Lapierre (steel drums), Sean Snell (tambourine) and vocals from Julie Masi, Caitlin Hanford, Glory Lafferty, Mose Scarlett and David Wall.

Songs: Pressing On, A Thousand Miles Away, Whenever You Hold Me Tight, Johnny & Susan, You & Me Waltz, Waterfall (If This Be Love), For All Of The Time, A Lot Like Me, Gabriel, Swing! Borther Swing!, Moving On, Bright Side.

Only available on vinyl lp or tape cassette formats. Be sure to specify in the message section on the order form.

Here I Am (Cassette)

Ken Whiteley (1983)

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“I spent a lot of money making this recording. It was in my electric band days, but the album is an eclectic mix of R&B, gospel, blues and folk.” Ken Whiteley