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Gospel This Afternoon!

TODAY! Music from 2pm. Sunday’s Gospel Matinee at Hugh’s Room will feature two of my favourite singers in the world and four of my favourite musicians! Jackie Richardson and David Wall, each in their own way, have carved unique places in the annals of Canadian vocalists. When I talk about singing and gospel singing in particular, I always tell people that sincerity and depth of feeling is so much more important than “musical chops”. However when you combine that ability to go deep with amazing vocal musicianship, great artistry occurs. Jackie with herunmatched alto and David with his soaring tenor personify those qualities. Joe Sealy is a piano master of the highest order with rhythmic intensity, harmonic density and melodic creativity. Ben Whiteley has become one of the most in-demand bass players in the country and there’s no one I’d rather have with me holding down the bottom end. We hope you’ll join us. Contact Hugh’s Room for tickets and lunch reservations. For more gospel show info visit Ken’s gospel music page.