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Maple Blues Summit & more…

Ken & Freedom Blues had a great showcase at the Toronto Maple Blues Summit on Sunday, January 22. Thanks to everyone there and congrats to Stephen Barry for winning the Blues With a Feeling Award.

“In Freedom Blues Canadianroots music icon Ken Whiteley has crafted a timeless set of songs that address both contemporary and historical struggles for the freedom endemic to a healthy, progressive society. Deftly drawing on a wide range of musical sources including blues, gospel and, for lack of a better word, folk, Freedom Blues is a landmark album in Whiteley’s career and Canadian roots music in general.” ~ Grammy Award winnning musicologist, Rob Bowman

We’re excited to put this video “Ken Whiteley on Freedom Blues” out here right now. What better time to start a discussion on “freedom”. Ken describes the philosophy and some of the process behind thecreation of his recording, “Freedom Blues” and lots of live clips give you a musical taste. This is uplifting blues for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper. We hope you also enjoy the first two music videos “Bring It All Right Down”and “Give Your Hands To Struggle” from the Freedom Blues CD release concert in Toronto. Thanks to Riddle Films and specifically Liam Romalis and Mako Funasakafor the video production and all the incredible musicians including Amoy Levy, Ciceal Levy, Bucky Berger, Ewan Divitt, Richard Underhill, Perry White, Alastair Whitehead and Denis Keldie. Tell your friends to check this out.


pending notification from the venue so please check with Hugh’s Room for updates.***

The Sunday’s Gospel Matinee on January 29 at Hugh’s Room with The Marigolds and Joe Jencks has been cancelled. So has the show Feb. 26 with Coco Love Alcorn and the O’Pears. However our season closer on March 26 should still go ahead under the aegis of a new committee that has been formed to revive the wonderful venue. That show will feature series favourites The Fabulous Levy Sisters (Amoy & Ciceal) and is scheduled to also have songwriters Nicole Edwards (from the Yukon) and Steve Eulberg (from California). Additional gospel music info on Ken’s gospel music page. To make a donation to Hugh’s Room go to : or donate by: cheque – payable to Iler Campbell in Trust, mailed to: Iler Campbell LLP, 150 John St., Toronto M5V 3E3, or e-transfer to: – provide Brian Iler with the security answer via email: