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Mayday alert!

This Friday, 8 p.m. EDT at
Ken Whiteley’s Facebook page

Mayday alert!  The first day of May is the day after I turn 69.  I would have been doing a show in Hudson’s Hope, B.C. in the middle of a tour in Alberta and B.C. had the universe not intervened.  Instead I plan to do a live stream concert from the basement studio at Casa Wroxton, this time accompanied by my son, Ben Whiteley!  He would have been on tour right now playing bass with fantastic singer Basia Bulat but instead here we are with lots of instruments to choose from.

I’ve now done a couple of live stream concerts – one for the Home Routes Online Folk Festival and an Easter concert for the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Val Morin, Quebec.  I’ve done a different repertoire both times and this will be no exception.  I plan to do songs from my brand new album, Calm In The Eye Of The Storm that I haven’t done on a live stream yet, though I might repeat a favourite or two.  Let me know if you have any requests to round out the set list.

I am extremely grateful for all the support I’ve received doing these concerts.  If you get a chance to share this event with others, that would be so appreciated.  Hopefully we can engage with a little positive, musical energy.