The Original Sloth Band

Ken’s performing career began as a teenager in the 1960’s with his brother Chris and friend Tom Evans as The Original Sloth Band. They played an eclectic mix of jug band, swing, blues and novelty songs mostly from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. With the Sloths, Ken performed all over North America and appeared on Saturday Night Live with Leon Redbone.

They did their very first “gig” at the Bracebridge Fair Grounds 55 years ago. The poster read, “Dance to the sounds of the Distortions, plus a popular group from Toronto”.  The “popular group from Toronto” was Tubby Fats Original Allstar Downtown Syncopated Big Rock Jug Band, who eventually morphed into The Original Sloth Band.  Ken played mostly jug and kazoo at that point, Chris played his Framus 12 string, Tom Evans played mandolin while brothers Michael and Patrick Lee played washtub bass and washboard respectively. 

The Original Sloth Band went on to record three albums “1978”, “Whoopee After Midnight” and “Hustlin’ & Bustlin'” plus a 45 rpm single.  Click on each cover graphic for additional details on each recording.