Bright Side (Vinyl or Cassette)




“Blues, Gospel, Country, Swing… all these and more are the potent roots which have gone into this musical blend. I have not so much tried to refashion them as they have become a part of me, and I now share them with you, along with the ebb and flow of love, the hope for a better world, and the spirit to ‘Keep on keeping on’.” Ken Whiteley

Includes nice contributions from Colin Linden (guitar), Graham Townsend (fiddles), Chris Whiteley (harmonica), Dennis Pendrith (bass), Bucky Berger (drums), Earl Lapierre (steel drums), Sean Snell (tambourine) and vocals from Julie Masi, Caitlin Hanford, Glory Lafferty, Mose Scarlett and David Wall.

Songs: Pressing On, A Thousand Miles Away, Whenever You Hold Me Tight, Johnny & Susan, You & Me Waltz, Waterfall (If This Be Love), For All Of The Time, A Lot Like Me, Gabriel, Swing! Borther Swing!, Moving On, Bright Side.

Only available on vinyl lp or tape cassette formats. Be sure to specify in the message section on the order form.

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