Gospel Music Makes Me Feel Alright!




Recorded LIVE in a series of three concerts at Toronto’s Hugh’s Room in 2003, Ken Whiteley has captured the powerful emotion and spontaneity of gospel music. This live performance recording features vocalists Melisa Devost, Ginny Hawker, Amoy Levy, Ciceal Levy, Colin Linden, Pat Patrick, Jackie Richardson and David Wall.

Songs: Bring Peace, Good News, No Ways Tired, Let My Life Be Prayer, Gospel Music (Makes Me Feel Alright!), Moses’ Last Miracle, In The Night, Travelling On, In Your Hands, Voice Of The Lord, Wilderness, Sing With Me, I Don’t Want To Be Lost.

Musicians: Bucky Berger (drums), George Koller (string bass), Colin Linden (Gibson 330 electric guitar, Regal electric dobro, Ken’s Apitius mandolin), Chris Whiteley (harmonica, trumpet, Gibson J200 guitar) and Ken Whiteley (6 & 12 string Laskin guitars, National guitar, electric dobro).

Live sound at Hugh’s room provided by Colin Puffer, David Lang and Anne Keeler. Engineered by Nik Tjelios and mixed by Nik & Ken.

“Deeply spiritual yet shorn of preachiness, Ken Whiteley’s latest triumphs with impeccable arrangements and spot-on delivery.” NOW Magazine

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