Movin’ On




Jane Sapp is a powerful, highly-regarded performer, song-writer, recording artist, and educator. Her music reflects the blues and gospel sounds of her Georgia youth and is deeply rooted in the spiritual, religious & historical experiences of the African-American world. Her live performances have been featured in concert halls (including Carnegie Hall with Pete Seeger) throughout the U.S. and in Canada, Mali, Senegal, Sweden and West Africa.

Jane’s song Movin On’ (sung by Tremaine Hawkins) was used as the theme song for “The Promised Land”, a BBC mini-series shown on the Discovery Channel.

A delightful lady and recording!

Songs: Movin’ On, The Tribute, I Want To Lift My People, We Have Come Too Far, Bhopal, God Is Still On The Throne, Freedom Is A Constant Struggle, Somebody Sang For Me, Talk To Me, Please Don’t Sing My Song, Morning Train, I Want To Remember, African People, Jacob’s Ladder.

Musicians: Jane Sapp (vocals, piano), Ken Whiteley (guitars, bass, tambourine), Bucky Berger (drums), Colin Barrett (electric bass), George Koller (acoustic Bass), Eric Reed (organ), Quammie Williams (percussion). Jackie Richardson, Betty Richardson, Gail Berry (vocals), Amoy Levy, Sharon Welch, Wendy Symister (soprano vocals), Ciceal Levy, Shaun Miller (alto vocals), Chris Brown, Jason Nelson, Robert Wright (tenor vocals), Pat Patrick, Ken Whiteley (bass vocals).

Produced by Ken Whiteley.

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