Sixteen Shades of Blue




Blues from two of the finest blues musicians performing today. Brothers Chris and Ken deliver an album of all original material. “Trust brothers Chris & Ken Whiteley… a guarantee of groove.” ~ Bravo Magazine

Songs: Stop Running, Tell Me That You’ve Got The Blues, Friday Night Blues, Mr. Weatherman, Reap What You Sow, Swinging The Blues, We Just Smile, Forgetful Baby, Gulf of Tears, I Depend On You Too Much, Time For Moving On, Long Road Up, It’s Ecstasy, Come A Little Closer, She Makes Her Own Way, Doing Something Right

Musicians: Chris Whiteley (harmonica, trumpet, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, washboard, 12 string guitar), Ken Whiteley (acoustic guitars, electric guitars, 12 string guitar, slide guitars, mandolin, piano, organ, accordion, rubboard, washboard, tambourine, cowbell, jug, tenor banjo), Daniel Whiteley (electric guitar, mandolin), Victor Bateman (string bass, electric bass), Dennis Pendrith (electric bass), Al Cross (drums, clave), John Sheard (piano, organ), Jerry Fuller (drums), John Mays (vocals), David Wall (vocals), Sharon Lee Williams (vocals), John Deehan (saxophone, clarinet), Laurie Bower (trombone), Al Lerman (saxophone).

Produced by Chris & Ken Whiteley

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