Thank You Lord! A gospel celebration




“This music is a celebration;
For we have raised our voices in faith,
Honouring God’s presence,
In our love, in our lives, in our song.”

A lovingly crafted recording that illustrates the breadth and depth of modern gospel music in Canada. Features more than an hour of magic from some of the many incredible performers of gospel music in the Toronto area; including great tracks by Jackie Richardson and The Richardsons, Amoy Levy and Youth Outreach Mass Choir, David Wall, Alphanso Burke Jr., John T. Davis and Ken Whiteley.

This recording project involved the work of over 80 singers and 22 musicians. It was recorded in 3 studios and 2 different churches. It represents over a year’s work and a great deal of love and effort from many people. We hope that this wonderful recording will uplift your soul, touch your heart and open your mind.

Songs: If We Ever Needed The Lord Before (The Richardsons), Never Alone (Alphanso Burke Jr.), The Love of God (David Wall), Child of God (Ken Whiteley), Over & Over (Youth Outreach Mass Choir), There Is No Way (Youth Outreach Mass Choir), Everything You Touch (The Richardsons), I’m Gonna Wait On The Lord (The Toronto Mass Choir), Jesus Is All The World To Me (The Toronto Mass Choir), Golden (Ken Whiteley with Jackie Richardson & Youth Outreach Mass Choir), Who Made It So (Alphanso Burke Jr.), Greatest Is Your Love (John T. Davis & The Richardsons).

“This recording features one of the best snare sounds I’ve ever captured. A prize of a free recording goes to the person who can name the track.” ~ Ken Whiteley

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