Up Above My Head




“GOSPEL music is a rich diverse musical tradition. For many years I’ve wanted to make an album which could share some of the intense enjoyment this music has given to me. This record is an attempt to present a few of my favourite songs in a variety of settings. Some of the songs are done in a manner close to the original arrangements, which draw from diverse sources. I wanted to place a number of styles side by side as they all form part of a larger whole, (though the collection of tunes could have been even more eclectic). Though I have to accept responsibility for putting this record out, it never could have existed without the help of a dozen musical friends. Some of the songs, my brother Chris and I have been singing in duet for a number of years. The other members of the Original Sloth Band, Tom Evans, Mike Gardiner, and Bill Bryans provided consistent musical support. As well, the making of this album was just the beginning of the musical involvement that both I, and the whole Sloth Band have with Marian and Eileen Tobin, and Dianne Firth, The Honolulu Heartbreakers.”

Songs: Stranded On The Banks, Strange Man, Workin’ On A Building, Anyhow, Get Happy, Livin’ Is Good, Peter, Touch The Hem, Give Me Just A Little More, My Journey To The Sky, Up Above My Head (I Hear Music In The Air), Wilderness, Spreading The Gospel, Where Shall I Be

Produced by Ken Whiteley with the assistance of Bill Bryans. Recoreded and mixed at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton, Ontario from March 24 to June 18, 1978. Engineered by Dan Lanois, except “Workin’ On A Building” by Steve Vaughn.

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