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Easter Concert…

People are invited to make donations to the musician (me) and you’ll be able to do that right here from my website Store or

On Saturday, April 11 at 7:30 EDT  I will be doing a special Easter concert that you can watch at  For many years I’ve gone to the Sivananda Yoga Camp in Val Morin, Quebec at Easter time and it has become a special tradition that I look forward to every spring.  For anyone who wishes we’d had that last gospel show at Hugh’s Room Live in March, this is your chance to take in a full gospel program.  Or maybe you’d just like something that could touch and uplift your soul and spirit in these trying times. I had a great experience and a chance to work out any kinks by doing the Home Routes Online Folk Festival last week so I’m really looking forward to another opportunity to make some music for people. I’ll have my 6, 12 string and old National resophonic, slide guitar and lots of songs from my new album, Calm In The Eye Of The Storm as well as a few from old favourites like Gospel Music Makes Me Feel Alright! and Up Above My Head. To all of you able to tune in, many thanks in advance.  ~Ken Whiteley